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Malpractice Cases in 2013 Tend to Have Non-Surgical Causes – Report


According to CRICO Strategies 2013 Annual Benchmarking Report titled “Malpractice Risks of Routine Medical Procedures,” which studied 1,497 cases, many malpractice cases were found to have non-surgical causes and were attributed to either errors in rules of practice (policy and protocol) or inadequate knowledge or judgment demonstrated by administrative medical personnel.

The study focused on six primary medical procedures: scopes, injections, punctures, biopsies, insertion of tubes, and imaging. The cases were filed from 2007 to 2011 and resulted in around $215 million in total losses. The study took into account that while most of these medical malpractice cases were minor in nature, around 14% of them resulted in the patient’s death.

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